My first ever blog

I’m not too sure how to start this. I’d never even read a blog let alone write one until this week. So what changed? This week should have been the week I introduced my first baby to the world. But it isn’t. Instead I’ve been glued to the Internet, reading articles, forums, websites – just about everything I could find about trying to conceive, fertility, miscarriage and adoption. Nothing helped. Nothing gave me hope or peace of mind until I came across people’s blogs. Reading about their experiences of the miscarriages, the reactions of others, how they coped, moved on and became mums in one way or another helped me to get through this week. I’d like to think that this blog will help others but I can’t imagine who would find it or read it. However for now I think it might be a slightly self-indulgent therapy tool for me to write things down, gain some perspective & try to find peace with my situation. If it helps anyone else at all then that’s an awesome bonus.