Stepping up for ICSI

After a nine-month wait (how ironic!) I am finally starting my ICSI treatment. I had my endometrial scratch two weeks ago – for those of you who haven’t had one, I have a low pain threshold (so The Boy tells me) and I coped.  It did hurt but it really didn’t last long.  It mainly hurt to speak when answering the questions that my nurse was firing, asking what type of gin I like, to distract me.  Luckily The Boy noticed and answered on my behalf.  It’s Opihr by the way – in case anyone’s wondering!  I can’t for the life of me say it, particularly after I’ve had a few …

I went to Lundy for a long weekend straight after the Scratch and quickly began to bleed, just a bit at first but it got heavier.  I wasn’t expecting this and so I hadn’t brought my IVF drugs.  Lundy has no mobile phone signal apart from in very random pockets within fields whereby a message will arrive but it’s not enough to make a call.  The only public phone is in the pub – right in the bar.  So in amongst all the other holiday-makers I had quite a frank conversation about my cervical mucus with a nurse on the phone and whether or not this was my period.  Eventually we decided it wasn’t and a few days later I had a light period (apparently the lightness is due to the Microgynon I was taking prior to the injections) and I started injecting on Day 2 of that.

I’m currently taking Gonadotropin and Buserelin – the highest doses apparently, because my consultant has decided to throw everything at it.  I’ll be having Quad therapy once they transfer the embryo/s which consists of Prednisolone, Aspirin, Heparin and Progesterone. I saw a psychic a few years ago, after my first miscarriage, and she told me I’d have IVF.  She’s been alarmingly accurate about a few things (she said my brother would marry and move abroad – he did without telling anyone!) .  She warned me to “look out for health conditions around IVF”, so naturally I’m convinced that I’m going to get OHSS!  Hopefully she means the sickness I’ve just had, which admittedly was about the IVF.  Anyway, I’m currently on Day 6 and so far, so good!  I’ve had a few twingey pains in my abdomen but nothing major.  Today I had to stop myself having a meltdown because I couldn’t make a decision about what day I’d like to go to the theatre – problems of the modern world!  My cat took control of the situation and led me to the sofa.  Other than that I’m doing fine.  I have a scan in two days to see how the follicles are growing and then I’ll have another next week.  The cycle will be cancelled if I don’t have many follicles (or eggs) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  It seems like at every step there’s a hurdle.  I’m trying not to think about the nightmare of emotions I’m bound to encounter over the next few weeks.  I’m just taking it one day at a time.

I didn’t attach my story for Tommy’s properly last time so I’ve done it again here.  Let me know if it doesn’t work!


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