Hi!  I am 35 years old. I started dating The Boy (who also likes to call himself Dave – his favourite name) in 2001  and we’ve been married since 2008.

We have two beautiful cats – they are our only babies right now.

Here’s our timeline:

May 2014 – started trying for a baby

September 2014 – chemical pregnancy. No worries, these things happen. Roll on next month.

18 October 2014 – pregnant!

Late-October 2014 (6 weeks 2 days) – small bleed. Early scan shows healthy heartbeat. Phew!

Mid-November 2014 – follow-up scan at 8 weeks 2 days showed healthy heartbeat.  Two days later I passed a huge clot. Scan refused by NHS. Told I’m paranoid & sent home. 

11 December 2014 – 12 week scan revealed baby had died at 8 weeks. Miscarriage #2. Opted for medical management. 

Mid-January 2015 – follow-up scans revealed a growing mass in my uterus. Am told I’m pregnant again but it’s failing. Or the medical management didn’t work. Medics can’t agree on which it is. 

Late-January – opt for D&C following episodes of uncontrollable bleeding onto the floor  (highly embarrassing, particularly when in B&Q).

March 2015 – faint positive home pregnancy test on day 27 of my cycle, only to be followed by a negative test a day later & my period arrived a day after that. Medics don’t count this one & I can see why but in my eyes a positive is a positive and it shows something isn’t working, so I count it as a chemical pregnancy (miscarriage #3).

3 September 2015 – begin weekly acupuncture as am not getting pregnant. Diagnosed with a yang deficiency, I’m advised to keep warm and avoid cold food.

20 September 2015 – pregnant! Instantly worried because my luteal phase had just been a few days this month.

22 October 2015 – miscarriage #4 confirmed by scan  .Opt for D&C next day. Start seeing herbalist. Cut out wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine & alcohol. Go chemical-free & organic.  Take up yoga and meditation. Become New Woman!

31 December 2015 – recurrent miscarriage tests revealed no reasons for miscarrying. Advised to try again because “the clock is ticking”.

20 January 2016 – pregnant! Miscarriage #5 occurs 3 days later although it takes 7 weeks for HCG levels to drop.

February 2016 – fall out with NHS and find private consultant.

March 2016 – FSH, oestradiol, LH & AMH levels and sperm count tested – results normal. Advised to try again and start Progesterone pessaries after ovulation and low dose aspirin if I get pregnant.

28 April 2016 – pregnant! Start bleeding at 5 weeks 2 days. Miscarriage #6 confirmed. Consultant suggests checking sperm for chromosome fragmentation.

31st May 2016 – chemical pregnancy.

Sperm DNA fragmentation: 34%.

In addition to the things I’ve cut out, here’s a list of what I now take every day:

1 tbsp Maca

1 tbsp pumpkin seeds & 1tbs linseed days 1-14

1 tbsp sesame seeds, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds & 1 tbsp chia seeds days 15-28

1 tbsp spirulina


Fertility supplement

Folic Acid (high dose)

Fish Oils (omegas 3 & 6)


Cranberry tablets

Herbalist Mix to improve uterine health, circulation & to reduce infertility-induced anxiety levels

Progesterone pessaries post-ovulation (days 15-28)

Aspirin 75mg daily

Prednisolone 20mg daily if pregnant





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