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Feeling happily stupid

I saw my gynae Dr P yesterday.  I’ve only met him twice but I think he’s the nicest doctor in the world.  He took one look at my results & said “oh they’re fine”.  What?!  I had a list of questions written down ready to barage him with but I was totally thrown by this statement.  So I’m not menopausal??  Apparently not!  According to Dr P my oestrogen is excatly what I want it to be, my LH is fine (which I knew) & my FSH levels are slightly high but as I’m getting pregnant he’s not worried & high FSH levels don’t cause miscarriages apparently as they’re only important for getting pregnant in the first place.  Phew!

He’s actually suggested we start trying ASAP – hurrah!  I’ve done a complete 180 on my herbalist who I’d literally texted that morning to say I won’t be trying for a baby until at least August (because I am a drama queen!) & have started trying already because I appear to be ovulating at the moment.  Potentially we’ve slightly missed the boat for this month but that takes some pressure off & I’m finally starting to feel relaxed again.  I can tell I’m relaxed because I’m not having to fake being happy at work.  I’d become so used to appearing professional that I didn’t realise I was faking cheeriness until I actually noticed myself feeling genuinely happy yesterday and it felt so different.  In a really good way!

I have to take progesterone pessaries from tomorrow onwards – these sound messy!  My friend who is currently 7 weeks pregnant through IVF after 4 ectopics tells me they dissolved her panty liners?!?  As long as I don’t leak or squelch when I walk I really don’t mind.  It’s nothing compared to the medications other bloggers have written about.  I’m just super-keen to get going again.  Fingers crossed . . .

Obviously I’ve been here before on numerous occasions & so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much.  Luckily I have uni work to do which is a great distraction.  I started a masters module for work in January, the day after I started to miscarry.  I sat opposite a pregnant girl & just stared at her for two days wondering how I’d get through it but I coped (as everyone does).  Writing my assignment was nigh-on impossible once I realised I had access to health journals – all I researched was “recurrent miscarriage” instead of “cognitive linguistic disorders post brain injury”.  When it came to hand in my first assignment I was so ditzy that I managed to miss the deadline, freaked when I realised & submitted it 20 minutes late without finishing it.  Luckily they didn’t penalise me & I discovered on Monday that I actually came out with 78%!  I’m also planning to renovate my house (if I can persuade a builder to give me a quote – it’s like pulling teeth!).  So I have enough to get me distracted for the next few months.